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Turkey Bun for Thanksgiving

Turkey Bun For Thanksgiving Hairstyle 5 Pretty And Practical Travel Hairstyles
We dove back to recreate this fashion for Thanksgiving. Once the women were younger we created a turkey bun back. Within the last many years since the holidays approached, I have meant to make a tutorial of the enjoyable one and I eventually got around to it. Luckily, Bee remains in the age where things like this is enjoyable and she is not “too cool” for adorable (and possibly slightly silly) fashions such as this ! 


It is nothing hard, only a cute, fun.

You may need: elastics pins, pipe cleaner, and when desired feathers Rather than pipe cleaner for the feathers

Step 1 — Create 2 braids on each side of the head and briefly clip off them

Step 2- Together with remaining hair back, make a ponytail that sits on the Middle back of their head

Step 3 — Insert the braids and fasten them

Step 4 — Braid that the ponytail and secure with a flexible

Step 5 — Wrap the ponytail to a bun

Step 6- Secure the tail and underside portion of the bun with pins Right Now

Step 7 — Produce your turkey

To make the feathers Cut a piece and bend that bit in half so that the ends meet. (If bigger feathers are wanted, use a complete piece of pipe cleaner) Twist the ends together. Pinch the feather to create its top pointed. Adjust the feather therefore that it has the shape you would like. Create as many feathers as many colours as you would like. If using feathers, skip this step.
To make the turkey head: Cut a piece of pipe cleaner . Bring the ends together and twist tightly. Maintain the shape curved in the top so that it is teardrop shaped. Take a bit of pipe cleaner and wrap it round the face of the pipe cleaner and twist it so that it stays put. This is the beak. If desired, add a “twist” or anything that little dangly bit about the turkey is!

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