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Netizens are Fearful the mullet hairstyle is currently becoming a Fad due to idols

Netizens Are Afraid The Mullet Hairstyle Is Becoming A Trend Due To Idols  Produce 101 Kang Daniels Agency To Take Legal Action Against

They say style goes around in circles. Some return to be a stylish look once more while others make us move, “WHY?! ” The mullet hairstyle that’s been very popular with male idols recently is a good illustration of the latter.

It had been G-Dragon. The fashionista appeared in his solo concert with a mullet.

Block B’s Zico was also caught with the mullet cut with an airport.

Song Min Ho has been compelled to shave his head after having a ping-pong bet on ‘New Journey to the West 4’ however he begged to maintain his hair on the buttocks, which left him with a mullet. Ahead of the broadcast when lovers had no knowledge regarding his forced scissors, they asked Min Ho, “WTF did you do to your own hair?!”

Not an idol celebrity but model-actor Nam Joo Hyuk picked a mullet hairstyle because of his character in ‘Bride of the Water God’. Out of of the handsome looks, why? WHY! Requested netizens.

DEAN has also combined the notorious trend.

In Addition to VIXX’s N.

And most recently, Baekhyun was seen rocking a mullet cut reddish highlights in EXO’s comeback teaser.

Netizens concur that each of the stars named above seem quite handsome despite all the “nasty” hairstyle however they simply expect the trend stops here and non-celebrities do not take an effort at a mullet cut since “it is their visuals which spared the appearance. ”

Mullet necklace back in vogue, yay or nay?

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