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DIY Dutch Braid Tuck Underneath Hairstyle

DIY Dutch Braid Tuck Under Hairstyle Images Of Under Braid Lotki

Today’s hair tutorial is brought to you by my sweet 12 year old! She has been doing her own hair for quite a while now, but been somewhat shy about creating a video, & nervous. So I am proud of her for “bold” to perform this for you! This braid tuck beneath is something that she does in the afternoon on herself to keep her hair from her face, but still have it down in back. You could easily just do this using a regular braid, or possibly a normal braid. It merely adds something to your hairstyle rather than just having things straight and in your face.

Assuming you can braid, this can be a fast and easy style. She does this in under 5 minutes. That’s great for a teen or tween seeking to get out the door on time!


1 — Create an off-center section from the forehead to a crown on the right side of your head.

2 — On the remaining part section out a little bit of hair close to the part and the top of your forehead.

3 — Begin making a braid (inside out French braid).

4 — Once you get to your ear, stop adding hair to your Dutch braid. Continue a regular 3 strand braid until you nearly get to the finish.

5 — Temporarily clip the braid off using a flexible or clip. If desirable, gently pull the borders of the braid to pancake it.

6 — On the ideal side, then section out a few hair close to the face and ear. Draw it backward underneath all your hair that’s down in back.

7 — Join this hair and your own braid out of the left side with an elastic close to the nape of the neck. This should be concealed under the remainder of your hair in back.

If your braid was a bit long you can unravel any braid below the elastic you added when you joined them together so your hair lays a bit nicer in back. FINISHED DUTCH BRAID TUCK UNDER!

I really like that you can’t even tell she’s pulled the section back on the right side. It’s a subtle but effective means to pull it back and keep it!

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