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Alphabet Hairstyle; A is for Alphabet

"A Is For Alphabet" Hairstyle Letter S Hairstyle Babes In Hairland

I am Sooo enthusiastic about our fun hair collection we are beginning. If you have been around for some time here in BIH I was able to perform a monthly hair share (before we had our FB webpage) and I would post pictures of this hairdo’s you men were performing on your own dd’s. About one year back, I submitted a hair share showing some fantastic creations from one of my lovely readers Laura. She had embarked to perform the decoration in her daughter’s hair.

Well, I tucked that pleasure thought away Inside my head with plans to perform it because she is in. She got so excited at the mere suggestion, when I told her exactly what I wanted to do! So I hope you will enjoy our fun experience we’ve as we continue to make discuss it & A-Z in Bee’s own hair !

Since school begins for us , I thought it appropriate that we begin our alphabet series. Clearly this However, this is exactly what we came up with. Feel free to

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